Learn the joys of vibrant, contemporary watercolour with Natalie Martin.

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Natalie Martin is an artist based on Wadawurrung country (Surf Coast, Victoria, Australia). She likes to get her hands dirty and bring a little joy (and colour!) to the every day.

She works in vibrant watercolour and is particularly fond of native Australian flora and the landscape it's found. Her most recent explorations have been around the striking beauty and delicacy of our flowers and our connection as humans to them.

Martin’s drawn to blooms in season and that seasonal swing throughout the year provides a beautiful rhythm and constant flow of inspiration. She feels a deep connection to being outdoors and observing and learning from nature. With her studio based on the Surf Coast in Victoria, there’s an endless source of inspiration within reach.

Martin studied Communication Design at RMIT and maintained a general arts practice during her studies and early twenties. She fell in love with watercolour early on, along with inks and water soluble crayons. She had her first solo exhibition in 2012, 'Welcome to the Nest' in Geelong and has exhibited across Australia since. Over the years she has produced a collection of limited edition prints, developed a line of environmentally friendly stationery, experimented with printing on fabrics and also begun teaching workshops in person as well as online.

Natalie wants to share her watercolour journey to inspire you. Her first course is a beginners guide to watercolour, exploring the fundamental building blocks of her style of watercolour. Every artist has their own methodologies and techniques and Natalie's is all about harnessing the parts of watercolour we can control, so we can enjoy the parts we can't. Watercolour is a beautiful and challenging medium with unique capabilities, let's make learning about it a joyful experience.

Natalie's second course The Magic of Colour Mixing follows on from Welcome to Watercolour and is for budding and established artists alike. In it, we’ll go deep into modern colour theory and together, we’ll build up your skills and confidence so you too can create works bursting with life and begin to develop your own language with colour.

Her third release is Lesson in Layering with Watercolour. In it, we dig into basic and more advanced layering techniques, spend time experimenting with ways to layer pigment, and learn how to create different effects (as long as you can muster the patience to let things dry properly as you go! Cheers to the benefits of online learning!)

The latest offering is Compose, Paint, Create Part 1, a course that delves into the incredible world of composition. We explore the Principles of Art through thoughtful projects and learn how to bring together compelling compositions of our own.

Natalie has a painting kits available in her online store including all the basic materials to get you going. You can also buy bundle kits that include the online course and materials required Learn more here.

Take a look at Compose, Paint, Create Part 1